Who I Am

Gloria M. Jackson, MD is among the pioneers of Integral Medicine. For over 40 years, she has taken her practice around the world both teaching and building on her traditional medical training by learning cultural healing traditions that preceded modern western medicine. These traditions include Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as more contemporary methodologies such as Kinesiology…

First and foremost we practice client advocacy at the Foundation for the Healing Arts. Our aim is to empower clients with information on healthcare options to enable them to participate more fully in their own healing. Working within an inclusive service model, we consult on how to work with your own doctors, and provide recommendations on natural solutions as additional options in approaching your health issues.

Born in Racine, Wisconsin, Dr. Gloria M. Jackson graduated from Oberlin College before completing her medical education at the University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine. Her studies included Psychiatry at the University of San Francisco, Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute.

In 1980, Dr. Jackson expanded her medical training to include the
Healing Arts at the Holistic Healing Centerhor_np2 in Menlo Park, California. She learned Polarity Therapy, Applied Kinesiology and other forms of bodywork with Barbara Phillips, DC, ND, a student of Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND. Dr. Jackson has studied with Healers around the world; she traveled to Taiwan, Egypt and West Africa learning the cultural healing traditions that preceded “modern medicine”. Ordained in 1987 under the Universal Church of the Master, a spiritually-motivated Christian organization, Dr. Jackson expanded her learning by applying her understanding of the spiritual roots seated deep within mind-body medicine. She speaks of the co-existence of spirituality and religiosity while highlighting the unique perceptive differences between them.

The underlying principal behind Dr. Jackson’s work is stewardship of natural healing. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. It is with deep appreciation of this fact that we aim to support our natural power to heal by regaining balance in the body, whenever possible by holistic means, where environmental or systemic imbalances have created illness. Our goal is to develop efficacious, non-invasive, integral healthcare programs for your individual needs. We seek the cause, not just the symptom by first looking to see what life-style changes can promote natural healing. Our inclusive healthcare model means we also call on the benefits of allopathic medicine where needed; and, we consult you on how to work with your own doctors.

Since 1987, Dr. Jackson has worked with FHA in California, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Canada, the Caribbean and afar in health, entertainment, education, and in partnership with various community organizations bringing workshops, classes and events to under-served populations:


Mary Washington Hospital, Regional Cancer Care Center, Fredericksburg, VA                 bos_sf
Referral Consultant, Integrative Medicine & Medical Nutrition™

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College of Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Senior Instructor, Integrative Medicine & Pharmaco-therapeutics

Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC); Milwaukee, WI
Part-time Instructor; Department of Life Sciences Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

Foundation For The Healing Arts; Domestic Projects
Consultant; Integrative Medicine Community Outreach

Consultant; Governor, State of Wisconsin, Policy Advisor Uses of CAM in Reducing Healthcare Costs

Consultant; Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) Workshops for faculty & staff in the Healing Arts

Biology curriculum for At-Risk Youth Spotted Eagle Charter High School, Milwaukee, WI

Consultant; Cardinal Stritch University, Continued Education, Milwaukee, WIsocs2

Workshop for Educators in the Healing Arts Consultant; North Shore Association of Oahu, HI

Clinical Associates

Mountainside Physical Therapy, Washington, VA

Whole Health Chiropractic, Fredericksburg, VA

Natural Therapy Otn, Fredericksburg, VA

Soluna Healthcare, Inc., Sausalito, CA

Open Secrets Bookstore, San Rafael, CA

9 Corners Healing Center, Novato, CA

CORE El Centro Natural Healing Center, Milwaukee, WI

Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, Inc., Milwaukee, WI