Jocelyn Olivier, Director HealusDr. Carol Y. Smith, Ph.DT.B. - Marin County, CAJ.A.- Core EL Centro ClinicM.G. - Novato, CA

Jocelyn Olivier, Director Healus

Dear Dr. Gloria, "Thanks for your heartful and charming contribution to a very successful evening. It was fun to watch people crowding around you afterward like moths to a flame. You are a very charismatic speaker and resonate integrity."

Dr. Carol Y. Smith, Ph.D

"I have found that Dr. Jackson has exquisite diagnostic abilities, compassion, exceptional inductive reasoning, and superb communication skills. Her interactional skills are beyond repute and contributes to her ability to "get the point across" with administrators, providers, patients, and co-workers. Hence, it is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Dr. Jackson's workshops and seminars."

T.B. - Marin County, CA

"All in all, I am so much better and can enjoy more and more things that I used to, prior to when all of this happened. I haven't had to use a sick day since April when I had a virus that everyone I work with had. That says a lot. Last year I had over 6 weeks sick leave and used all but one week because of all that was happening to me."

J.A.- Core EL Centro Clinic

"…this underlines how much we miss your talks, where we can update our programs and check our medication routines-just to let you know that your bright and shinning personality as well as your medical skills are missed!"

M.G. - Novato, CA

Dear Dr. Gloria "Thank you so much for the session today, you have wonderful skills. Later in the day I dealt with a very difficult interaction in my office and was able to keep a clear head and diffuse the situation. I doubt I could have done it without your assistance."

Gloria M. Jackson, MD

. . . is among the pioneers of Integral Medicine. For over 28 years, she has taken her practice around the world both teaching and building on her traditional medical training by learning cultural healing traditions that preceded modern western medicine. These traditions include Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as more contemporary methodologies such as Kinesiology…

First and foremost we practice client advocacy at the Foundation for the Healing Arts. Our aim is to empower clients with information on healthcare options to enable them to participate more fully in their own healing. Working within an inclusive service model, she consults on how to work with your own doctors, and provide recommendations on natural solutions as additional options in approaching your health issues.