What I Do. . . Medical Nutrition®

What I Do? . . . Medical Nutrition®

green2As a Green Health Care Provider, Dr. Gloria M. Jackson is dedicated to resource conservation, environmental health education and sustainable medicine. Sustainable medicine recognizes the link between the environment, medicine and human health. A key component in her integrative approach to health and well-being is Medical Nutrition™. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves but only with the correct nutritional support. It is with deep appreciation of this fact that she aims to support our natural power to heal by regaining balance in the body, through integrative means, when environmental or systemic imbalances have created illness.

Dr. Jackson’s goal is to develop effective, non-invasive, integral healthcare programs for your individual needs. She seeks the cause, not just the symptom, by first looking to see what life-style changes can promote natural healing. This inclusive healthcare model means we call on the benefits of conventional medicine where needed; and, we consult with you on how to work with your primary care doctors and other health providers. This is Integrative Medicine.

QiScan® Assessments

QiScan® Assessments are highly advanced protocols utilizing a computerized health information retrieval system that measures energetic profiles of the body and “reads” corresponding organ system balance, weakness or stress. Pronounced “chee scan”, this non-invasive process measures acupuncture points (acu-points); the points used in Chinese Medicine to determine the energetic health of the body. The impact on the balance of each organ and system can be evaluated for accumulation of environmental toxins which include heavy metals, chemicals, microbes, allergy potential to foods, pollens, drugs, homeopathic remedies, dietary supplements and nutritional supplements.

How is this procedure done?

sloder2A non-invasive testing device is placed upon pre-determined acu-points on the hand. Every time this probe is placed upon an acu-point, a measurement indicating corresponding organ system balance, weakness or stress appears on the computer screen and is recorded for tracking purposes. At the conclusion of the QiScan® protocol, a complete bio-energetic health assessment is prepared and interpreted providing you with recommendations on integrating medications and nutrients to improve your well-being.


Energy Work:   Polarity Therapy is a type of energy work that is aimed at improving the flow of Qi (pronounced “chee”) throughout the body and mind thus influencing the health & comfort of the soul as it continues to occupy the body. The focus of this hands-on work is to open the acupuncture meridians, open the elimination channels to decrease lymph congestion and inflammatory response, improve energy and relaxation potentials and to rebalance the body’s polarity (positional flow between the mind-body, left-right, superior-inferior and anterior-posterior axes). Energy work is not scheduled along with the above assessments – it is scheduled as a separate appointment.

Focused Energy Work:  “Focused Energy Work” sessions are brief and focus on hotspots by utilizing acupressure and laying on of the hands healing.